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Every time the subject of gay pride comes up, there are always a few people complaining, "yeah, but why do they have to be so outrageous? It makes me not want to like them." This bothers me because I love radical self-expression - in my mind, that's the best part! And I've come to realize that people who say that are completely missing the point. Pride isn't about seeking acceptance - it's not putting on a suit and a tie to make the other guy like you. It's about celebrating the freedom to be yourself. That you exist, and are fabulous - and that nobody has the right to take that away from you, no matter what they think. That is the meaning of pride.
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Christmas Card Alternate by zharth
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More Figure Studies by zharth
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Sculpted Flesh by zharth
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What if people aren't entitled to their opinions? What if opinions are something that should be earned? How much of the shit we have to deal with is caused by people talking about things they don't really understand? Because if you haven't done your research, you should really shut up and let someone who knows what they're talking about have the floor.
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Silencing Debate
Free speech thrives on open debate. The more confident you are of something, the stronger the reasons for it ought to be. And those reasons must be able to defend themselves against contradiction. When debate is silenced because its mere existence threatens the strength of that which has been accepted as a foregone conclusion, emotion has triumphed over reason. This is how free speech dies.
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Shower (Dirty) by zharth
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Thin Models Don't Cause Eating Disorders
As a very thin model who publishes a lot of photos publicly, there's a topic I feel the need to address. A lot of people seem to think that images of skinny models are bad and dangerous because they are going to cause people to develop eating disorders. This is a total misconception.
First, let me tell you a little about my past. A lot of you already know this, but bear with me. I have this thing called sensory processing disorder, which basically means that I don't feel things the same way as most people. One way this affects me is that food is usually not enjoyable; in fact, it's quite often difficult or painful for me to eat. Because of this, my weight at one point dropped to a dangerous low, and my team of doctors insisted that I go to an inpatient eating disorder hospital so my weight could be restored safely. While I was there, I bonded deeply with many of the other patients. We had group therapy sessions together, and I learned all about the deep dark ugly secret side of eating
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Helpful links for nude and erotic photographers

"Good art grabs your attention. Great art holds onto it."
"A competent critic doesn't merely react but responds to a piece of art."
"Erotica is the art of sex, without sex."

I am an open-minded and liberated individual with an intriguing mix of masculine and feminine characteristics. I am a practicing nudist and a sex-positive artist, with an interest in blues and rock guitar. I worship youth and femininity, and delight in taking pictures of myself when other models aren't forthcoming.

As a socially-conscious artist, I seek to confront and examine issues related to nudity, gender, and sexuality via the medium of self-portrait photography. I start by challenging the preconceived notions that nudity is private, gender is rigid, and sex is ugly, and see where that leads me.

There is much beauty and intrigue in the process of becoming, that whispers of the mystery of creation itself. It is neither strange nor uncommon for one to become transfixed by it.

A camera is a tool that can be used to either document, or present. A document is merely a record, and is only as interesting as the thing it is documenting. A presentation is a piece of art, that can make even dull things interesting to look at. But the best photographs are presentations that document something interesting.

I dedicate myself to holding erotic works up to the standards of fine art. However, I don't believe there is any utility in disparaging the chaff for the sake of the wheat. Even erotic artists have to start somewhere. And outstanding art, by definition, can only exist as an exception to the common pool of average works. Without constant reference to the banal, we'd lose our appreciation for the sublime. You see, bad art has a purpose - it makes good art even better!

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My Stamps:
Gender Transcender by zharth Burning Man (Crackling Fire Version) by zharth Sexual Deviant by zharth I brake for hotties by zharth
If it doesn't turn you on, then just turn it off. by zharth Sex-positive by zharth Card-Carrying Nudist by zharth Bad Reality, Good Fantasy by zharth
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I've written before about the trouble with categorizing erotic (not pornographic) works on this site, but today I want to bring your attention to the dilemma of the non-nude artistic nude. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but bear with me. By "non-nude" I do not actually mean "not, in fact, nude"; I am referring, rather, to this site's policy on tagging nudity as mature content. It is entirely possible for works involving implied or suggestive - but not explicit - nudity to fall within the bounds of art that does not require a mature content tag on this site. The problem, however, is that when you try to submit an image to the "Artistic Nude" category, a mandatory and irrevocable tag is applied.

This is fairly intuitive, right? Artistic nude images are bound to contain nudity, and the site is doing its userbase a favor (I presume) by adding the mature content tag (in this pretty straightforward instance) in case you forget. Although, you could argue that this encourages users to be less vigilant about their own tag usage, so that when somebody goes and adds an image (that happens to be nude) to the Body Art category, they might forget to add the tag themselves, because they are not in the habit of doing so, and anyway, doesn't deviantART handle that itself? (The answer to that question is: not usually). From a more cynical perspective, you could view this automatic tagging as a fail-safe against the sort of unscrupulous users who would post indecent images without much thought to who might see them, and are (presumably) most likely to post them in the Artistic Nude category - or Fetish Portraits, which is the only other category I know of that automatically applies a mature content filter (albeit also for nudity, rather than sexual themes - which doesn't seem like it would be 100% accurate, either).

So, in essence, the entire Artistic Nude category has been placed behind a mature content filter. Is this not reasonable? Could there conceivably be anyone who would want to browse Artistic Nudes with the filter still in place? (I would argue yes). Shouldn't we tag even the borderline cases - suggestive and implied nudity - just to be safe? This is certainly the position some would take, while others would disagree - I am among those who would disagree, citing concerns about the chilling effect that an overly restrictive approach has on people's speech (including art). But what really matters is the fact that deviantART is also among those who disagree. Their rules explicitly state "not all nudity requires a tag". If they do not really mean this, then they need to change the rule. If they don't change the rule, then users are justified in posting images that imply or suggest nudity (without being explicit), without using a tag. Which is really not unreasonable - this is the standard that mainstream magazines, and "wholesome" websites like Facebook, use. They just can't post these images in the Artistic Nude category...

Which brings me to my dilemma - if the image in question is very clearly an Artistic Nude, and does not quite fit into any other category, what does one do? Part of being an artist and sharing one's work is finding an audience. If I want people interested in Artistic Nudes to see my work, then I'm not going to want to post it under any other category (especially when that category most accurately describes the image in question). I could bite the bullet and add the mature content tag - but there's a very real disadvantage to doing that. It cuts my potential audience down significantly (which could be viewed as a form of discrimination against nude art). Now, if the image in question deserved the tag, then I would be justified in adding it, because that would actually help it reach the right audience (people who want to see mature content), while avoiding those who would be reasonably offended by it. But this isn't actually mature content. I've got a PG-13 film here, and you're asking me to shoot myself in the foot by rating it R!

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