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I woke up this mornin'
the sky was red
a warm wind was blowin'
and the trees were all dead

no sun in the sky
and the ground was pale
I heard a sigh
and the trees began to wail

a knock came at my door
and I jumped with fright
not a soul was there
there was no one in sight

I gazed out at the scene
the hills had all disappeared
and far across the plain
a black shape appeared

it was moving real quick
like a shadow possessed
at once, I felt sick
as it approached its nest

it was still far away
so I turned my back
I didn't want to stay
I was about to crack
Oh, this is fun. I must be twisted or something, but it's only in a fictional context. I'm not religious. I don't actually believe in Hell. But as my life has been ruled by fear - that's something I understand. And the horror genre is a convenient way to vicariously face your fears, without putting yourself in any real danger. So yeah, I think the concept of Hell is fascinating. I'm actually in the process of developing a game loosely inspired by Dante's Inferno, incorporating interpretations of Hell from various cultures and mythologies. I remember writing a story back in 8th grade about a man finding an occult text in a library, reading a passage from it out loud, then finding himself transported to a dark tunnel inhabited by a demonic creature. We passed our stories around for peer review, and the rest of the class thought I was disturbed. But I was just having a bit of fun, exercising my imagination!

Anyway, this is just a precursor to what probably should have been a much longer poem/story. But it does a nice job of setting the scene.
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Submitted on
April 5